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Home FAQ How to type with HelaBasa
How to type with HelaBasa

Questions about typing with HelaBasa.

How to type 'sanyaka' letters with HelaBasa?

There are three ways to type 'sanyaka' letters. (Example: 'sanyaka dayanna')

  1. [z] [v]
  2. [Ctrl Shift v]
  3. [Alt Shift v]

How to type 'muurdhaja luyanna' and 'muurdhaja luuyanna'?

You can type 'muurdhaja luyanna' (commonly known as 'elu luyanna') and 'muurdhaja luuyanna' by typing 'muurdhaja layanna' ([Shift <]) and putting 'papilla' or 'dik papilla' ([q] or [Shift q]).


How to type 'ruyanna' and 'raeyanna' with MyPC HelaBasa Wijesekara Keyboard?

You can type 'ruyanna' and 'raeyanna' using following key sequences.

  • ruyanna - [r] [q]
  • ruuyanna - [r] [Shift Q]
  • raeyanna - [r] [e]
  • raaeyanna - [r] [Shift E]

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